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6 Simple Tips to Make Your Exterior Look as Beautiful as You Wish

You always want your home to look beautiful not only inside but from outside too. And what can be a better way to do that than professional landscaping?

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But if you think that you may have to break a bank for it, you’re wrong! Experts at professional landscaping Eastern Suburbs from Amico share here tips that you can apply to make your yard look amazing.

1. Look for Year-round Beauty

Obviously if you choose seasonal plants, they will bloom and look beautiful only in their blooming season.

Instead choose evergreen plants as far as possible as they will retain their beauty yearlong providing colour and cover constantly.

Such plants make your landscapes delightful in the winter as well.

Another benefit of strategically planting these evergreen plants near your house, e.g. in front of corners, is that they can help smooth out the house’s vertical lines, offering it a more welcoming appearance.

This means that you’ve softened those upright lines for 12 months. Evergreen material is guaranteed to give you a lasting curb appeal.

2. Lay Paths between Points of Interest

Rather than using lawn to reach a point of interest from another that can lead to crude paths of dead grass between your garden, patio, pool, fire pit and sitting area, lay charming paths using natural flagstone, concrete stepping stones, crushed stones or decorative bricks.

This way you can pull all those beautiful elements together.

The material used for these paths, walkways or any other landscaping feature should preferably be the same or similar to the one used on the exterior of the house because it will tie the pathways aesthetically to the home.

Another beautiful option is to use the material to create an outstanding edging along the pathway.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

3. Use a Big Rock to Break up the Monotony

Creation of lovely landscaping needs only creativity and no big money. Even an unusually big rock or two which you don’t have to buy from a shop can amp up your landscape!

Such boulders will smash the monotony of your lawn and add it an unusual visual appeal. If you are not sure about which rock to choose, asking a pro will take you on the right path.

4. Add a Berm to a Corner

Just like a rock, a berm has a great power to add pizzazz to your exterior. You can create a flower or rock garden on the berm.

An otherwise plain, flat lawn will come to life with the berm with its coloured flowers, foliage or stones. Also being built as a mound, it will add a height.

As such a berm can be built anywhere, but it is particularly effective in a corner of the landscape. This is because corners are typically not very much in use and a berm can make a great use of the otherwise unused space.

5. Take Care of Making a Water Feature Look Natural

If you want to add a water feature to your lawn, take care that it gets mixed up well with the surrounding and thus look natural.

Using material like natural stones is a great idea. But you should also be careful about not using too many materials because it may fail. Typically it’s good using not more than three elements.

6. Use Diverse Types of Plants

While choosing evergreen plants help your landscape look great year round, it’s also a good idea to choose plants that bloom in different times of the year so that your yard will look colorful in all the seasons.

Choosing shady trees is also a great idea and you can manage them well with the help of someone like https://amico.com.au/our-services/tree-work/ so as to create relaxing shaded areas across your lawn.

Thus, by using your creativity, you can make your exterior look as beautiful as you wish and be a proud homeowner.