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Decorating With Rustic Charm

Although rustic décor sounds unrefined, it’s actually quite classy and meets modern serenity. Rustic charm is not only about using old, used, or refurbished material but it has a lot of things to offer to your style statement. Many embrace such extra ordinarily beautiful ideas that emphasize on natural beauty.

It’s important to plan interior design ideas that add rustic features and make a home stand out from others. Textures are very important and need to be worked on in an attractive way. A combination of earthy elements and rough textures make a home look beautiful. Enhancing the décor with certain antique pieces, wallpapers are recent additions that are easy to apply upon. It is all about making unused or old pieces vocal in the living room by giving them individuality and purpose.

Let’s get a practical approach and practically applied designs that can be tried to give a rustic touch to a home.

A contemporary or modern rustic style has been making news over the past few years since some find traditional ones too dark and exhaustive. Even though the most important element of a rustic style is more of using raw natural materials, wood is the best component of a rustic décor. Woods come in many shades right from dark to light. Items made from wood look simple and sober giving uniqueness to the home.

Painting the wooden material gives more liveliness to the material, making it look more attractive. However wood isn’t the only best way; there are many other things like bamboos, clay, metal, glass, ceramics, stones, and concrete that can be thought of to give a rustic touch. A balance is necessary to brighten up the house. There are even faux beams available which can be installed in a day or two to give that rustic look to the kitchen. Cladding the wall with stone is the perfect way to make a room vibrant and lively.

Modern and rustic faux wood wallpapers give natural touch to any area. They are filled with warmth, coziness, and impressive feeling. They come in various colors and patterns like bronze mica stone wallpaper, gold mica stone wall paper, Davis red brick texture, rustic lodge stack stone brown with 3D effect , copper mica stone, white wooden planks, Slate path wallpaper, and many more. Normally shades of white, brown, and black are covered on a larger scale to give a rustic touch to the house. If the room is quite large with limited or no rooms, a wooden shelf partition with rustic touch to it looks amazing.

Ceiling fans, as we all are familiar with, are one of the traditional and cheapest ways to keep our homes cool. Thanks to the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation options offered nowadays in most of the models, they are useful not only in summer but also in winter. When it comes to decorating a home with rustic charm, even small and neglected stuff enhances the beauty. Ceiling fans with a rustic touch make a style statement. Moreover, rustic ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of design, color, and pattern to suit your budget and requirements. Some of the popular models in rustic ceiling fans include those from theMinka Aire brand and the Vaxcel brand names.You can find these and many more on the www.modernfanoutlet.com website.

Antiques are available in online as well as real home décor stores. Rustic barn doors, cabinets, hardware are trendy and people have embraced the traditional designs ancestors normally used to design their houses that looked simple and natural. Trendy apartments, offices and homes opt for authentic rustic door ideas. Old fashioned furnishings like old camp fire coffee pot, wash tubs, tables, ladders; old trunks make good antique designs and give a refreshing look. Choosing materials is a challenging task in incorporating rustic feel in modern décor.

Painting walls with rustic colors, i.e., warm natural colors like earthy yellow, light brown, dark brown and red blend brilliantly with the modern décor and takes it to another level. Adding warm textiles like sheep skin and comfortable chairs make the room all very cozy and relaxing. Lighting essentials like white table lamp, well-placed dim lights decorative items like small vizio yellow and orange vase, nightstand, and silver decorative bowl are some of the items that add rustic charm to the room. Woven wicker baskets make an extra option for seating if the room is already fully occupied with furniture. They are best suited for small drawing rooms.