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Enhance your Knowledge about Curtains and their Style Before Choosing One

Curtains make your house look beautiful when used according to the decor of your house. Sometimes people don’t realize that mismatched curtains can also spoil the beauty of the place. There are various ways of decorating your house. You can set up new, furniture, new painting and showpieces. However, curtains give a proper finish.

There are options in curtains as well, which can be installed as per your needs. Blinds have to be of one style, but curtains can be installed in double layer, with sheer and semi sheer pattern. Also, you can have beautiful prints that display every time whereas in blinds, your prints will disappear when you open them. Blinds do have their own beauty, but nothing can beat a colourful curtain in various fabrics.

There are different styles of paneeliverhot that are installed depending upon your home decoration and the type of room where you’re installing it. Mentioned below are the styles, lengths, patterns as well as features that are suitable for different rooms.


  • Panel curtains are paired which means you can put double curtains on both sides of windows, the fabric can be lightweight. This style is quite common and is found in every house, they are also used to cover doors.
  • Curtain panels can also give a fine and elegant look if valance is added to it, which is like a scarf tied from one end of the window or door to the other end. This gives a royal look, as in older days, huge curtains in royal houses had valance attached to it.
  • You also have the choice of stacked curtains that gives you the benefit to add sheer and heavy curtains together. When you require, you can draw lace curtains to add some light to your house and when you want privacy you can draw heavy curtains.


  • Short curtains of 63 to 83 inches long are called cafe curtains which are perfect for windows.
  • Long curtains provide a formal look to your room and they are available from 84 to 120 inches length.


Fabric can be any that you want. If you want a sophisticated look in your bedroom or living room, then go for velvet or silk fabric which can only be dry-cleaned, but if you want a durable material that can be washed in machine, then use cotton.


Depending upon the charm of your room you can pick the pattern as well. Some prefer solid colours for living room to make it look elegant while for bedrooms they prefer printed curtains. For kid’s room it is always floral or graphic design curtains. Whichever pattern you select, it should resemble your room’s personality.


  • One of the features is sheer curtains that not only add glamour to your room, but also filters light inside your room. There are fabrics that have self floral printed, embroidered or natural pattern.
  • Blackout curtains are thicker than the other ordinary looking curtains because they have lining attached to it. Such curtains are prepared of velvet, suede or felt which keeps the entire room dark.
  • Thermals curtains have foam or aluminium foil as lining that retains temperature so that it doesn’t flow out from window. This means in winter you have warm room and in summer, cold room.

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