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The Pros And Cons Of A Smart Lock

With the rise of modern technology, a lot more people are choosing innovative ways of protecting their homes, businesses, and vehicles. Nowadays, one of the most popular methods for security is to install smart locks.

Smart locks are the newest trend for upgrading your traditional door locks with the hopes to implement easier access yet be able to maintain the security of a place. With a smart lock, you have the option to only carry around a key card or even nothing at all, especially if you choose keypad or fingerprint locks. You can even prevent home lockout service cost according to Locksmith Sydney if you pick the best system suited to your needs.

But no matter how trendy this type of lock is, there is still a lot to consider before you say yes. So if you’re curious to learn about the good and bad sides to this innovation, here are a few facts for you.

  • Pro: It’s Simple And Easy To Use

Smart locks are incredibly simple and easy to use. You can choose between various keyless entries such as passcodes, fingerprints, and even voice activation. There’s no more need to carry key chains and purses to keep your keys.

  • Con: It’s Expensive

Such a high-technology system such as a smart lock costs more than the traditional locks. Don’t feel that you need to have smart locks especially if it’s not within your budget.

  • Pro: It’s Customizable

Smart locks allow you to customize access codes and settings, unlike traditional locks. You can program access codes for only a few close people who like to pay your home a surprise visit, and you won’t have to worry about letting them in.

  • Con: It Can Fail

Just like with traditional locks, smart lock systems can also fail. It would usually take more time than it takes to unlock car door service from Locksmith Sydney or to replace a chipped key.

  • Pro: You Can Sync It With A Smart Phone Or Tablet

Another advantage in having a smart lock is that you can sync it with your smartphone or tablet. Everyone constantly has phones in their hands anyway, so what can be a better option to have regarding security. All you have to do is download the software or app, and you can instantly control your locks even if you are halfway across the world. You can also choose to sync it with other phones of family members or visiting friends.

  • Con: Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

They offer more precise security, sure, but smart locks aren’t immune to hacking. Before you decide on a model, make sure that it has an anti-hacking or anti-virus software.

  • Pro: It’s Incredibly Convenient

Being that a smart lock is key less makes it incredibly convenient already. Add to that the various technologies that you can also enjoy including automatic unlocking, touch-lock,  and more.

  • Pro: You Can Integrate It With Other Security Systems

If you want to keep your security systems in sync, there’s no better way to achieve this than to install a smart lock. Integrate your usual security units such as a camera with your smart lock, and you can control who you let through as soon as you see them via the live feed.

Final Words

Going modern may be enticing, but it takes a lot of knowledge to make it work best for you. You need to consider all the facts before you can enjoy the convenience of a smart lock.